Wednesday, June 26, 2013

all together

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maysa pay:  nasaysayod ti panangiyebkasko iti kapanunotak babaen ti ingles. numanpay kasta, iyebkasyo met iti kapanunotanyo babaen ti ilokano, ingles, wenno tagalog.

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NOTICE: 2013 Election Results located in MAY Archive in this blog.
the publication of the 2013 election results in this blog is for information purposes only. it is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT of any person or political party. the role of government directly impacts the daily lives of abrenians. therefore, the election results are published with the hope that abrenians may more meaningfully interact with those who represent them. this is true also for any links (to religious, civic, non-government, other organizations) that may become part of this blog as we move forward.
random thoughts on public service and the common good.
in short, when good can be better...and a better abra for all abrenians.

in this blog, public service refers to government, non-government, religious, civic organizations and any other groupings committed to serve abrenians for the better.